Girls Create Program

Girls' Write Program


Girls Create is a mentoring program for playwriting, dance and visual arts too. The program teaches girls (going into 6th grade through 10th grade) various aspects of these performing art forms in a unique way--we prioritize on bringing in professionals from the community to teach the program, guest artists to share their expertise and utilize mentors also from the community to provide guidance to the girls and encourage their own creations. Each week long program culminates in a final project for the week where we invite the community, including friends and family of the girls, to see their work. All camps include snacks provided for the week, and all materials will be provided, and please bring a sack lunch every day and a water bottle. Details of final performances will be emailed out at the beginning of each week. Girls Create will launch this summer in collaboration with RMCAD, Bella Diva Dance and the Center for Visual Arts. Meet our teaching artists.



Girls Write Camp

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Girls Write Camp


Our Girls Write Summer Camp is a one week theatre and writing immersion for girls going into 6th-10th grade.

The Girls Write program aims to empower each girl's voice and imagination through the creation of a short play. We provide mentors to help during the writing process, and we provide actors and directors so that the girls see their stories actualized and brought to life on stage at the end of the week.


By giving girls creative tools for storytelling, they gain confidence in their unique voices and experience the value in sharing their ideas.


Camp details:


Location: Center for Visual Art, 965 Santa Fe Drive.

Dates: June 20-24 and August 8-12.*

Time: 9am-3pm Monday-Friday. On Fridays, the day will extend to 6pm to allow for final readings of the girls' work, to which parents will be invited. Performances will start at 5pm.

Cost: $300 each week

Many thanks to our generous sponsor:   CVA



An afternoon of creative movement and original choreography at Colorado Ballet Can you turn a gesture or simple sentence into a graceful dance movement? We'll explore manipulating movement from written work. By the end of each afternoon, students will perform a group piece inspired by their work in the GIRLS WRITE camp. A minimum of 5 girls is required.


Location: Colorado Ballet, 1075 Santa Fe Drive

Dates: : August 8, 9, and 10 from 3-5pm

Cost: $25/day


Many thanks to: Colorado Ballet




Girls Draw/Paint Camp

Mid-summer drawing and painting experience. Brush up on your drawing and painting skills before you head back to school.  Enjoy a class with fellow students that is designed to improve skills with a combination of creative experimentation and technical guidelines.  This class is for young artists working at any level. A small group with individualized instruction is the perfect opportunity to try new mediums or to develop and practice more advanced skills. 


Week one drawing and watercolor, week two drawing and acrylics.  Working outdoors on the beautiful RMCAD campus is a bonus!  Each week, the girls will complete a fully finished painting which will reflect the creativity of the young artist and the skills they developed during the week, and family will be invited to a reception on the Friday of each week to view all of the work created.  All classes are taught by Michelle Brower.


Camp details:


Location: RMCAD Campus, 1600 Pierce St, Lakewood, CO 80214

Dates: July 18-22 and July 25-29 (sign up for one or both!)

Time: 9am-3pm Monday-Friday.

Cost: $250 each week



Many thanks to: RMCAD



Girls Dance Around the World Camp

Monday July 25th “Passport to India”
Bollywood is the catch phrase to describe one of India’s many film industries.  Bollywood dance is a fusion of Classical Indian dance movements from Kathak, Bharat Natyam, and Odissi blended with western styles of dance including hip hop, jazz, and Latin. Students will have an entire day being immersed in Indian dance, music, culture and costume while learning a simple choreography to the iconic song Chaiyya Chaiyya.


Tuesday July 26th “Passport to Brazil”
As we gear up to celebrate the Olympics that will be held in Rio de Janeiro this summer, spend the day at Bella Diva learning about Brazilian music, culture, and dance including Samba no pe! In addition to dance, students will learn about about the history and cultural significance of Carnaval and have a chance to make their own feathered headdresses and masks, and designing their own Rio costumes.


Wednesday July 27th “Dance as a World Language”

Body language and expressive arts connect people across national and cultural boundaries. This Day of Dance celebrates how our bodies speak and express emotion to each other and to ourselves. We will explore how you like to move and how this can increase your ability to communicate - a skill that will serve you, your relationships, and your community as a whole, throughout your life. We will create our own unique dance influenced by dances from around the world. This class is well suited for those who have an interest in dance but feel reticent or anxious about moving in front of others. We will finish the day with new confidence, embodied freedom, and a connection with the other dancers.


Thursday July 28th “Passport to Hawaii”
This day will include an immersion in Hawaiian culture as students learn the art of Hula and Polynesian dance. Student will learn the importance of storytelling through hand and eye gestures. Study of the islands and music will be featured, as well as students getting to make their own leis.


All classes taught by Caitlin Brozna-Smith, Erin Anderson of Communitas, and Bella Diva teaching associates


Camp details:


Location: Bella Diva Dance/Communitas Studio, 4309 E. Mississippi Ave., Glendale CO 80246

Dates: July 25th - 28th.

Time: 9am-3pm Monday-Thursday. Public performance for parents/friends/family at 3pm on Thursday, July 28 with a reception immediately following.

Cost: $75 for one day

$125 for any two days

$165 any three days

$200 all four days




Many thanks to: Bella Diva Dance   Communitas




Girls Dance Camp

Dance is poetry of the body, an expression of our self, our dreams, our desires through movement. Dance is a way of telling stories beyond words. This week long camp is for aspiring choreographers interested in exploring and refining your creative passions and dance making skills. Throughout the week, we will engage in movement improvisations from a diverse range of dance styles geared towards connecting with the way you feel inspired to move. We will investigate how to express ideas, emotions, concepts, images, and stories through your body with dance!  We will also study and explore different dance making techniques regarding the use of space, time, movement, and music! We will engage different writing prompts and discussions to connect to who you are and what you would like to express through the art of dance. This camp will end with a showing of the dances made throughout the week! All levels of dance training and experience, as well as all dance styles are welcome to attend this camp!


Camp details:


Location: RMCAD Campus, Mary Harris Auditorium, 1600 Pierce St, Lakewood, CO 80214

Dates: Aug 1-5

Time: 9am-3pm Monday-Friday. Performance at 3pm on last day with reception to follow.

Cost: $250


Many thanks to: RMCAD



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