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is a very special part of Athena. Our goal is to further our mission supporting female artists beyond our arts festival. These are our "Passion Projects". This may include a play written by a female artist, a project or offering that we wish to do in collaboration with another female focused organization, or even a project furthering our support of young women artists in any discipline.




Past Productions

The Mommy Rants by Connie Ferger & Christie Winn
November 2-16, 2013
Mommy Rants

Athena Project is proud to present The Mommy Rants, the ultimate Mom's Day out!

Free massages, free food and drinks, a great show to enjoy and no need to call the babysitter!

by Connie Ferger & Christie Winn

Mommy Rants





The Mommy Rants is a one-act play that lasts approximately 1 hour. Humorous and touching, it explores all the insane things that happen when you become a mother and the experiences no one dares to talk about.


Please arrive at the theatre up to 45 minutes in advance to take advantage of our free and fun pre-show Mommy Pampering Boutique that includes free food, free massages, art and fine products geared toward moms.

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  • November 2-16, 2013
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  • 1600 Pierce Ave., Lakewood
  • (303) 219-0882